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My Experience

Having completed a Sage Book keeping course I decided to become self employed.   

My Clients so far are spars, ranging from the legal/Investigative Sector, to tradesman such as Plumbers and heating engineers.

My packages allow me to be flexible and I assure my Clients that I will never take on more than I can handle, nor will I contract my work out. Depending upon the work requested, I will only take on up to 3 regular Clients at any one time; this ensures that my current clients are receiving the service that they have requested. I therefore keep a waiting list of Clients that have approached me and they are always given first refusal of my services.



Part of my service package to my Clients is Advertising services.  I will research the free Business Directories and submit your business activities in order to assist you in building your Client base.  These listing my be either Internet based or printed media.

Ad-hoc Services

My Ad-hoc services are available upon an hourly basis.  This work generally is not restricted, however there are times when I am at my peak that some Clients are again on a waiting list.

Book keeping

general Administration.

Call Screening

Word Processing

Power point Presentations

Advertising Services

KC Administration Support Services      
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